Executive Leadership Coaching Package

per month
Ready to invest in yourself as a leader? This one on one executive leadership coaching package will move the needle on your leadership and your team performance. Minimum of a 6 month commitment. We will meet twice a month, and you also have access to Carol for quick emails/texts as things come up between calls.

Strengths Deep Dive

This virtual package allows individuals to go through a full CliftonStrengths assessment while also receiving personalized coaching and support.

Package includes:
* Full 34 CliftonStrengths assessment (or upgrade to 34 if you already have top 5) Personalized reports
* Training video (~10 min) on the basics of Strengths
* Personalized video reviewing your CliftonStrengths results
* Two, 45-minute coaching sessions to discuss your results in detail, talking through examples of ways your strengths have both helped and hindered in the past. You’ll also receive a short list of activities to work on developing those Strengths.

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself and how best to use your Strengths to create forward momentum.