Clifton Strengths for Sales Package

Dig deep into using your Strengths for Sales with personalized coaching and support. Package includes:

CliftonStrengths for Sales Report - your top 10 themes broken down in 23 pages of content, including how each contributes to your success, gets in the way of your success, and practices for applying each theme
Personalized video reviewing your CliftonStrengths for Sales report and highlighting key takeaways
Two, 45-minute coaching sessions to review your report, your current sales patterns, and develop a plan to help you be the most successful sales person you can be.

You’ll walk away with specific steps to take to use this new knowledge to improve your sales success.

Strengths Deep Dive

- includes full 34 CliftonStrengths assessment (or upgrade to 34 if you already have top 5)
- personalized reports
- training video (~10 min) on the basics of Strengths
- personalized video reviewing your CliftonStrengths results
- Two, 45-minute coaching sessions to discuss your results in detail, talking through examples of ways your strengths have both helped and hindered in the past. You’ll also receive a short list of activities to work on developing those Strengths.
You’ll walk way with a deeper understanding of yourself and how best to use your Strengths to create forward momentum.